What is the manchester city wega gift card? [the gift card or card]

The Gift Card is a multi-choice payment Card that can be used anywhere within the Mastercard merchant network. As the Gift Card is a prepaid Mastercard card, it is easy to use, safe and convenient.

What are the unique benefits of the manchester city wega gift card?

Use the Gift Card wherever you see the ‘Mastercard Acceptance Mark’. Prepaid Mastercard cards at over 35.9 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.
Get 10% discount on all City Store purchases.
Become part of the Wega universe providing you with access to tangible prizes, incentives and innovation.
Use the Gift Card as many times as you like until the balance is spent.
No transaction fees for purchases made from UK merchants.
No activation fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees.

Can a gift card be sent directly to the recipient and not to the address of the buyer?

Yes. As part of the ordering process the buyer can have the Gift Card sent to an address that is not the billing address. However, the buyer must provide a valid billing address when making payment.

Does the card need to be activated?

The recipient needs to activate the Card for security purposes. This can be done online or via SMS upon receipt of the Card. Please check ‘How it Works’ here. Before making a first purchase with the Gift Card, the recipient must also sign the signature panel on the back of the Gift Card. The Card can then be used repeatedly until its value has been depleted.

How do i make an in-store or online purchase with the gift card?

The Gift Card is prepaid Mastercard Card; this provides for easy and secure payments. They work in the same way as a debit Card with a magnetic stripe allowing to make purchases in-store and online; no chip & pin required.
When making an in-store purchase, just hand your Card to the cashier. The cashier will swipe the Card and will ask you to sign the purchase receipt.
When making an online payment you need to enter your Gift Card details on the store checkout page including the three-digit Card Verification Code (CVC2) and your name as the Card holder. Make sure you use the same address and postal code you entered when you activated or registered your Card. The merchant payment system will automatically recognise the Card as a Mastercard.
If making a purchase for an amount that exceeds the available balance of your Gift Card you will need to provide the merchant with an alternative form of payment in addition to your Gift Card.
Some online merchants may not accept tender of split payments.

How do i check the balance of my gift card?

You can do this any time via the website www.wegagiftcard.com/mancity or by sending an SMS from the mobile phone registered to your Gift Card account as follows: Text BALANCE <Last four digits of your Card number> to +44(0) 78 6002 4582 Example: BALANCE 1234

Can the card be topped up?

No, the Gift Card cannot be topped up. You can use your Card however, with split-tender transactions in-store by providing an alternative form of payment along with your Gift Card at the checkout. Additional gift Cards can be purchased from www.wegagiftcard.com/mancity.

How long is my gift card valid for?

All Gift Cards have an expiry date located on the front of the Card directly below the 16-digit Card number. Gift Cards are valid for no less than 12 months and up to 24 months.

Can i make payment in another currency than gbp?

Yes you can. If you make a payment in currency other than GBP, the transaction value will be converted into GBP at the exchange rate applied by Mastercard and a foreign exchange fee of 2.95% will be charged.

Can i make an atm cash withdrawal?

No, sorry!

Are there fees associated with the gift card?

There is a fee that covers issuing, packaging, fulfillment and shipping, which is paid by the buyer.
There are no activation, monthly, annual or customer support fees.
Other fees may apply depending on particular usage or requests by the Cardholder.
Check the Terms and Conditions for the applicable Fee Schedule.

What happens if i lose my card?

If you lose your Card we can replace it on condition you report it with us as lost and request a replacement Card. After verification, we will replace the Card and will charge a £5 Replacement Fee. Please check the Terms and Conditions on this website.

My card has been declined online. what do i need to do?

This could be because there is not enough balance on the Card.
It could also be because you did not activate the Card.
If you have any questions please contact our support team at support@wegagiftcard.com

What happens if i request a refund on an item and i no longer have the original gift card?

When returning an item to a store, you will normally be required to present the Gift Card used to make the purchase along with the original sales receipt. Crediting funds may take up to seven business days.
If you no longer have your Gift Card please refer to the retailer’s return policy for further information to obtain a refund in these circumstances.

How do i contact customer services?

Via email to support@wegagiftcard.com
Via contact page on www.wegagiftcard.com/mancity
Via phone to : +44 (0) 203 637-6280 (during UK office hours)