Corporate Gifts: Develop Powerful Incentive and Rewards Programs

When selecting corporate gifts for employees, clients or customers, choose the one that provides the most benefit for everyone. Good corporate gift ideas can improve morale and drive sales. Corporate gifts, especially business gift cards, are strong as motivational tools for employees, clients
or customers alike. Gift cards for business can be a simple and valued option to use when fulfilling on an employee incentive program, employee rewards program, consumer promotion or rebate program. The ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard is a fixed denomination gift card that can be used anywhere in
the world in the Mastercard network*.

The ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard is a premium gift that strikes the right balance between making recipients feel special and providing them flexibility to use it for what they want. ManCity Wega gift card applications are also backed by the security and services of Wega.

In addition to its global use the ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard will also provide card related incentives and promotions to the corporate client and the recipient.

ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard: The Gift that Scores!

  • Can be used virtually at any point of sale in the world and online where Mastercard cards are accepted
  • Safer than cash because the funds can be replaced if lost or stolen*
  • Team the gift card to an occasion or event of your choice.

Contact us at B2B@wegagiftcard.com for additional information and special incentives.


  • Win for corporate to provide loyalty
  • Win for receiver to use world wide
  • Win for all to be part of the premier quality team: ManCity – Wega – Mastercard

Contact us at B2B@wegagiftcard.com for additional information and special incentives.

Employee use case examples:

  • Employee gift ideas for special work related occasions
  • Flexible, easy-to-use ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard cards make outstanding holiday and special occasion gifts for employees
  • Work Anniversaries, Life Events and Holiday Gifts for Employees
  • A thoughtful gift given at the right time is highly motivational. Well-timed employee gifts can inspire warm feelings towards management, fellow team members and the company that can last for years.
  • When considering what to give to your employees on special occasions, keep in mind that the gift should be useful to the recipient. Gift cards are always a welcome present. They provide flexibility and choice for those who receive them and send a strong message of gratitude to employees for a
    job well done. ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard is packed in an innovative and luxury presentation that further enhances the true gift nature of the present
  • Work Anniversaries and Retirements
    Instead of giving a long-term staff member a pin or plaque, let them choose the work anniversary gift they want with ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard cards, which can be used anywhere MaterCard cards are accepted.
  • Weddings, Birthdays, New Babies, and the Holiday Season
    If it is a more personal occasion, add a special message to make the meaning of your employee's gift clear.

Contact us at B2B@wegagiftcard.com for additional information and special incentives.

Client and customer use case examples

  • Whether you’re running a promotion or incentive program, you need to consider adding gift cards to your strategy. In addition to being an effective, generous and memorable way to draw customers to your business, create new connections, retain customers, build outstanding customer loyalty and
    be competitive in the market, gift cards are also a great way to brand yourself as a company that truly cares about its customers.
  • In today’s incredibly competitive market, providing a great customer experience is one of the most effective marketing strategies there is. When customers have a good experience with a company and leave feeling genuinely valued, appreciated and catered to, they’re going to come back. Regardless
    of the industry you are active in it is clear that adding a desirable, unique gift card to your marketing and promotion strategy has the potential to give your company a sizable boost.
  • Very often companies want to acknowledge a client or customer for contributing to a successful year, supporting us through a tough year or sending us new business. Or maybe we just want to say “thank you” for partnering with us on a winning project. Before starting to look for gift ideas for
    clients or customers, it’s smart to check your company’s policy. Often there are strict guidelines for gifting, including how much to spend, if anything at all.
  • Assuming it's okay to gift, you still need to ensure that your gift ideas for customers or clients are appropriate and send the right message. Client gifts and customer gifts can be an effective way to show your clients or customers that you appreciate them and want to continue your
    relationship. However, client gifts or customer gifts are only meaningful if you take the time to think about the people to whom you are giving them. What do they like? What are their interests? The key point: Know your customers and clients and use that knowledge to show that you care about them.
  • For example, many people think a bottle of wine is always appropriate. Not necessarily. While a bottle of fine wine can be a lovely idea, if your client doesn’t drink, giving wine shows how little thought you put into the gift selection.
  • When thinking of suitable gifts for clients or gifts for customers, the ManCity Wega Gift Mastercard expresses your gratitude and appreciation while at the same time providing flexibility for clients and customers to choose what they want.

Contact us at B2B@wegagiftcard.com for additional information and special incentives.

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